Ubuntu 13.04 Screenshot Tour Preview

Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

Ubuntu 13.04 is set to launch on April 25 and it will encompass a lot of features and newer applications. This is just a preview of the final release.

The new and improved Ubuntu 13.04 will be based on the 3.8.x branchof the Linux kernel. This is good news because Canonical used to implement older kernels, which traditionally are more stable.

If you are a daily user of Ubuntu, you will immediately notice that the workspace switcher is no longer enabled by default, but it can be enabled via the Appearance menu, in System Settings.

A new shutdown dialogue has been implemented and it looks a lot better than everything used before. Unfortunately, you still need to click on shutdown in order to get to the restart option.

Other changes include new icons for Files and Ubuntu Software Center, LibreOffice 4.0.x, Firefox 20.0, a new Dash icon, new lenses, better application preview in Unity, and much more.



You can also download Ubuntu 13.04 Beta 2 from Softpedia. You can install it now and just perform a simple update when the final version is released.


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